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Increase production with NoPileups full tunnel anti-collision service

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Installing NoPileups eliminated nearly every single mid-tunnel collision — I don’t believe it’s missed a single event. It’s virtually infallible.”

Tom Hoffman Jr.Operator, Hoffman Car Wash

Full Tunnel Anti-Collision

NoPileups makes your car wash safer and more efficient with the latest in computer vision technology.

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Increase production

Minimize downtime with the right kind of stops, and feel confident loading cars closer together or increasing chain speed.

Avoid collision expenses

Indirect pileup costs add up quickly. Spend less on damages by preventing collisions before they happen.

Prepare for the future

Protect your car wash from accidents caused by the growing number of smart and auto-braking vehicles.

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World-Class Service & Support

NoPileups is more than a system. It's a team dedicated to helping your car wash thrive.

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We review every incident

When NoPileups prevents a collision, we review the incident and use the information to optimize your system.

We share our insights

Reviewing everything tends to identify patterns. If we notice anything that can help you improve your operation, we're sure to share it.

We're here to help

Our support team is available to troubleshoot and answer questions. Visit the support page for contact information.

What is NoPileups?

NoPileups is a full tunnel anti-collision service that protects the entire length of your tunnel and helps you increase production.

example of NoPileups computer vision

Painless installation

Our install is engineered to keep your operation running during the entire process. You'll barely even notice we're there.

Continuous monitoring

NoPileups prevents car wash collisions automatically. It's always running never gets tired of protecting your tunnel.

Super-human protection

A direct connection to your tunnel controller means NoPileups reacts faster than anybody when it detects a potential issue.

NoPileups is as much a production tool as it is an accident prevention tool."

Jim MulhollandOperator, Busy Bee Car Wash

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Collision Cost Calculator

Car wash pileups impact more than direct collision costs. Try our collision cost calculator to learn more about the effects on your business.

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