NoPileups increases car wash production by preventing events that cause downtime.
300+ potential collisions avoided
31 sites running NoPileups
50% damage costs reduction


Other anti-collision solutions cover the the tunnel exit. NoPileups protects cars across the entire length of the tunnel. Our service runs on computer vision and intervenes with super-human speed to protect your customers.

Accidents happen when cars hop rollers.

NoPileups automatically intervenes to prevent collisions.

Automatically prevent what stops you from washing cars.
Fewer hold-ups in the tunnel increases production.
Users generate a postive return on NoPileups investment.
Future proof against a growing number of self-braking cars.


"In our business, speed is the essence for us. Every second we can shave off makes us better than the guy down the street. NoPileups is a huge competitive edge. The people who have NoPileups have the ability to wash more cars more safely than the guy down the street.”

—Bill Martin, CEO at Metro Express

Tyler from Metro Express shares a site manager's perspective on NoPileups.

Pete Ness

NoPileups' founder on The How of Car Washing podcast

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In this episode we interview Pete Ness, an entrepreneur, carwash industry veteran, and CEO of NoPileups. He shares his interesting personal journey, his experiences and stories from his many years in the car wash business, and his latest solution to help carwash operators avoid accidents – NoPileups.


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