NoPileups car wash enhancement service helps you wash more cars, keep damage costs low, and stand out in a crowded industry.

See how NoPileups enhances your car wash.


Our full tunnel anti-collision system is the core of NoPileups. Our service uses computer vision and machine learning to monitor your tunnel and stop the conveyor when collision threats are detected.


Superhuman protection

Using the latest advancements in computer vision, NoPileups is able to prevent accidents at superhuman speed — less than a second — to reduce customer claims, alleviate employee stress, and protect your reputation.

Unbeatable support

NoPileups support reviews every incident to make sure your car wash is always receiving the best protection. They're ready to help the second you open your door till the moment you finally lock up for the night.


Preventing collisions is about more than safety. By keeping your conveyor moving and lowering costs, NoPileups helps your operation run more efficient than ever before.


Wash more cars

NoPileups opens the door to production adjustments that allow you to wash more cars during peak hours and reduce conveyor downtime. Our customers have reported increasing their maximum capacity by 20 cars per hour.

Save time, save money

Fewer pileups means lower damages costs. NoPileups users save $.04 - $.06 on every car they wash. In addition, the added peace-of-mind means your employees can focus on what’s most important — providing great service and washing more cars.


As the car wash market becomes more saturated, every detail becomes important for differentiating your site from the guy down the street. NoPileups helps keep customers safe, which keeps them coming back.


Adopted by industry leaders

NoPileups protects the tunnels of some of the best-known names in the business. Time and again, NoPileups impresses them with its inceredible value and exceptional service. You can read more about their success with NoPileups to see how our enhancement service gives them a competetive edge.

Stay ahead of the competition

Automotive technology evolves quickly, but NoPileups keeps your car wash ahead of the curve. NoPileups eases the burden caused by smart and auto-braking vehicles. Since NoPileups is always developing new services and features, you can be confident your car wash will stand out tomorrow; not just today.


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