How Full-Tunnel Collision Prevention Works

NoPileups is always at the ready to stop accidents in an instant. Here’s how.

NoPileups in action

For a site manager, NoPileups is the best defense against a hard time. By preventing collisions, we save you from an angry customer and a stack of unpleasant paperwork. Almost as important as what we do, though, is how we do it. Once installed, our software, equipment, and people go to work to make sure we stop in-tunnel pileups before they happen. NoPileups’ constant monitoring does its job so you can keep doing yours.

Great on Paper, Best in Practice

As the saying goes, “talk is cheap.” Luckily, NoPileups walks the walk. It starts with our monitoring system. When a vehicle loads onto the conveyor in the wash tunnel, NoPileups sizes it up and follows it from beginning to end. If the car hops a roller or stops moving for any other reason, NoPileups detects the situation immediately and triggers an emergency stop.

The system does this by simulating your tunnel and every vehicle inside. As each vehicle moves along, NoPileups compares the sim to reality. When the two no longer match up, the system hits the brakes. Because the simulation is more than simple motion tracking, it can recognize potential collisions even when a vehicle is between cameras. The instant a car does something it shouldn’t, NoPileups knows.

NoPileups is a Safety System that Works Together With You

A dedicated spotter in your car wash might be fast, but NoPileups is faster. Since our system directly integrates with the tunnel controller, it can hit the stop button in milliseconds. Our constant monitoring never gets bored or goes on break, either. NoPileups’ sharp reflexes do more than prevent accidents. Our system’s speed and reliability of detection mean you can safely run cars closer together without fear of collision. Less space between vehicles means shorter wait times for your customers. NoPileups doesn’t just make your car wash safer — it makes your car wash more efficient.

NoPileups catches a potential accident

NoPileups’ instant response is made possible by connecting directly with your tunnel controller. By pairing our system with your monitoring equipment, we transform it into the eagle eyes necessary to catch potential collisions. We start by connecting our server to the gigabit switch at the center of your in-tunnel operation. This allows us to use your camera feeds, enter eye, and emergency stop system to prevent pileups. Once everything is connected, we output the custom NoPileups feed to a monitor on site for easy viewing. The only equipment we install is the server itself.

In many instances, the hardware you have is everything NoPileups needs. Our service works with almost any camera. As long as the camera network covers the load on area, you likely won’t need to install new optics. We also patch into your existing monitors. Your team can see everything NoPileups sees.

With NoPileups, Someone Always Has Your Back

NoPileups’ tech wouldn’t be anything without the talented support team working behind the scenes to keep your car wash running collision-free. Every time the system detects an issue, we get the same alert you do. We review the camera footage taken before and after every stop and use it to perfectly calibrate NoPileups for your tunnel.

For the NoPileups team, keeping your car wash safe goes beyond the same old routine. We pride ourselves in getting to know your operation inside and out. If we notice an equipment malfunction or mechanical problem on our end, even if it has nothing to do with NoPileups directly, we can get you on the phone to clue you in. While we focus on safety, you can focus on washing more cars.

Behind every NoPileups e-stop is a team and technology focused on one thing: making your car wash a better, safer place to work. Our safety system keeps an eye on your tunnel so you don’t have to, while our support crew keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Our full-tunnel collision prevention isn’t just a service — it’s the newest member of your team, and it always shows up on time. From open to close, NoPileups is ready to get the job done.